Frequently Asked Questions

Who seeks spiritual direction?

People of all ages and backgrounds seek spiritual direction. Usually they come with questions. Sometimes they're at a crossroads, uncertain of the next step. Sometimes they hunger for more from life or from God but aren't sure what that looks like. Or they've outgrown prayer practices that once were meaningful, or have been through a painful experience that has shaken them to the core. Regardless of the questions that bring us, the practice of spiritual direction gives us an opportunity to ask our questions, to see with new eyes, to come as we are and find we are welcomed by someone who will listen with us for signs that God is present.

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How do I choose a spiritual director?

A prayerful search is a good beginning. Most directors are happy to schedule an introductory session to see if the relationship feels like a good fit. It's important that you feel heard and comfortable and that your spiritual director reflects a good balance of faith, kindness and wisdom. Some questions to consider as you reflect:

Do I have any preferences as far as church affiliation, gender or life experience? How far am I willing to drive for monthly sessions? Would I prefer to talk to someone from my own faith tradition or would a different perspective be refreshing? Do I have a preference for meeting in person or virtually? As a starting point, our online directory lists contact information for our members who offer spiritual direction in the New England area. 

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What happens in a spiritual direction session?

Each spiritual director will have a slightly different approach, but most will begin with prayer and stillness, asking God's Spirit to guide the conversation. Your specific life and faith situation will determine what's discussed. You may be asked to reflect about times when you've felt near to God, or to notice ways he might be reminding you that he is with you, or inviting you to something new. You may want to discuss scriptures that have resonated with you lately, or troubled you in some way. You may want to share a difficult situation and ask where God is in that. You life is your material. And your spiritual director, guided by the Holy Spirit, is a trained, confidetial traveling companion. The best way to learn about it is to try it out.