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Who we are

Our story

Welcome! epiphany New England is a community of Christian spiritual directors who live and offer direction in the New England area. It began as "ESDN" in the spring of 2005 to offer regional Christian spiritual directors an opportunity to gather, find support, share their stories, and be encouraged.

In 2017 we kept this mission but changed our name. The word "epiphany" means "an illuminating moment of discovery or insight." Like sunlight breaking through the clouds, it's a chance to see things in a new way. This occurs often in spiritual direction as we receive insights or hear another perspective that we hadn't considered, or feel invited by God's Spirit to venture out onto new ground. The name "epiphany" enfolds the sense we have that God is doing something new here in New England and in our midst as a community of Christian spiritual directors. May his work continue, in us and around us.  


Our website includes a directory listing of our members who offer spiritual direction, as well as a quarterly blog on related topics and other resources on spiritual direction. For more about us, see our faith statement. Our membership page has information on becoming a member if you'd like to join our online community.

We have watched with excitement as eNE continues to grow, welcoming new members each year.  There is a real sense of anticipation as more people become enfolded into the group, share their gifts and hopes for this ministry and pray together for the new things God wants to do in our midst.  Our continuing mission is to be a resource for spiritual directors and for those interested in finding a Christian spiritual director in New England.

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