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epiphany #1: "There's more!"

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Regardless of where we are in our faith journey, there is always more. More to experience. More to learn and unlearn. More to notice. More to let go of. More of life. And life is exactly where God meets us. This is one of many epiphanies along the way as we continue to pursue God.

The practice of spiritual direction is a tool that helps us pay attention to our lives, to where God is and what his Spirit might be doing in our midst. That can be an epiphany in itself. It is one way of “drawing near” to God.

Perhaps you have felt close to God at times but hunger for something deeper. Maybe you never have, and wonder if your prayers go anywhere. Maybe it feels that you’ve outgrown the faith practices that once were meaningful. Perhaps your beliefs about God have been called into question, and you wonder where God is. Or you stand at a crossroads, uncertain of the next step. Regardless of the questions that bring us, the practice of spiritual direction offers an opportunity to see with new eyes. It allows us to give voice to where we are, doubts and fears included, in a safe and welcoming place. It helps open doors to something new, as we listen and respond to our awareness of God’s invitations.

What invitations might God be offering you today?

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