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Epiphany #2: "God speaks."

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

While often we just want to know that God hears us, it's equally important to learn how to listen to the many ways God speaks. This is an epiphany as well, that God is actually speaking to us all the time, not just through scripture or sermons but through life itself.

God speaks through our life circumstances, through chance encounters and conversations, through nature, art, literature and music. The Spirit speaks through those that have gone before us and written about the joys and challenges of their experiences. God speaks into our prayer life and our silence as we learn to be quiet and wait for the “still, small voice.” God speaks into our joys and our sorrows and is with us in both. Our goal and hope is to learn how to listen. Through spiritual direction, we learn how to pay attention to our lives, to wait and watch as God speaks and directs our paths.

As you reflect on your week, how might God be inviting you to listen more closely? Could it help to unplug and turn off the noise for a moment?

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