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The Sound of God

by guest blogger Kate Hemenway |

I was wondering recently why I place so much stock in wanting to hear, literally, God’s voice in my ear. And when it comes to hearing it, what do I expect it to sound like? Accented? Officious? Patient? With a sigh? Or perhaps with a chuckle?

I realize it kind of depends on how I think I’m doing in doing his will. So then, whose voice -- whose tone of voice -- am I likely to hear if my hearing is based on my estimation of my behavior, my success, my effort, my failures in the face of God’s will? God’s? Mine?

Who is God? Well, God is not me. So God’s voice is not mine. But God is with me. God is within me, as well as everywhere else in the endless, boundless, ever expanding universe. Mystical, yet with me. God’s voice then, is it in the whisper of my finger brushing against my arm, and the squish of a plum I have just bitten? Is it the call of a red-tail hawk high over my head, the hushed pressing of a rabbit’s paws in the mud out back, the wailing through my hair of a sudden wind gust? Is it the song of planets I spy through telescopes in their rotations on axis in their revolutions around their sun, the shout of warning as an errant-tossed ball whizzes inches from me, the tang of pepper freshly ground into my soup, a tang so sharp I hear it?

Who am I? Every sound God makes, and the recipient of the same. What will God’s voice sound like in my world today? Will I hear it? Will you?

About Kate Hemenway:

Kate walks and bicycles every moment possible, in woods, on trails, and on city sidewalks and streets. When remaining stationary she provides individual spiritual direction and facilitates spiritual direction groups. A lifelong tree-hugger, she is an ardent student of all things natural. She also writes an occasional blog about whatever catches her at the moment.

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This inspires me to look for God's voice in unexpected places. Thank you, Kate, for reminding me to put my expectations aside and listen for the voice of Love to break through.

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